Gallbladder Stones

While gallstones are seen in 10-20% of the population around the age of 20-30, this rate gradually increases due to the deterioration of the quality of the bile fluid as the age progresses and reaches 80% after the age of 70.  When the stones in the gallbladder are small in number and somewhat large (6-10 mm), they can remain silent and without complaints. When stones are small and numerous, they tend to cause more complaints.  Especially, mm stones can fall into the bile ducts and when they fall They can cause jaundice and pancreatitis by causing a blockage in the mouth where  the bile ducts  open to the  intestine.

What are the signs and symptoms of gallstones?

  • Indigestion, bloating, sometimes after meals
  • Pain in the right upper abdomen
  • Pain in the right shoulder and back
  • Waking up at night with pain behind the two shoulder blades in the back
  • Don’t become afraid of eating
Gall Bladder Stones

For more comprehensive information about gallstones, you can check our other site.

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