Keys to permanent and successful weight loss

There are some points to be considered in order to be successful in losing weight. These issues should also be turned into a permanent Lifestyle. It is necessary to pay attention to the same points in order not to regain the weight loss later.

The presence of Insulin Resistance should be investigated and treated.

Insulin resistance is measured with a blood test. If the blood test result known as HOMA IR > is over 2.5, it means there is insulin resistance… The most commonly used metformin group drugs to correct insulin resistance. In these cases, it should be added to the treatment. It becomes difficult to burn foods effectively in people with insulin resistance. Instead, it is easily sent to the fat depot, resulting in weight gain and inability to lose.

Investigate and treat hypothyroidism

In people with low thyroid gland, weight gain is observed due to involuntary weight gain and oedema development. With the TSH test in the blood, the working level of the thyroid gland can be understood. If TSH is >10, replacement therapy should be done by your doctor, especially with thyroid hormone drugs such as eutirox, levothyroxine or tefor.

Do not eat after dark.

Melatonin secreted in our body after dark turns the metabolism into storage rather than a burning one. Therefore, we should make it a habit to stop food intake after dark. Snacks made in front of the television unintentionally and without measure are one of the most important causes of involuntary weight gain.

Stop your fast meal immediately.

Extending the duration of eating: If you are a person who has eaten 15 minutes before and left the table, write to extend this to 30-40 minutes. If necessary, provide this by counting the number of chewing bite. When you consume the food fast, there is no situation that will prevent you from digesting and sending any message to the hearing centre. If you eat slowly, the first foods you eat will pass into the blood after a while, and the saturation centre will be able to give a message of satiety.

Consume a solid diet, not liquid, after the balloon.

Although water is free after the balloon is attached, consuming liquid and high-calorie beverages may cause patients not to lose weight despite the gastric balloon. Since solid foods will occupy more volume in the stomach, they will give a feeling of fullness and satiety. However, since the liquids can pass through the edge of the gastric balloon and can easily be relieved, they do not make a feeling of satiety and fullness. This will cause unwanted calorie intake.

Sleep apnea is the cause of stubborn weight gain

Sleep apnea is a common condition that is overlooked but gradually leads to weight gain and the development of insulin resistance. In addition, after losing weight, it may appear as one of the reasons for rapid weight gain again. For this reason, sleep apnea should be reviewed in the fight against weight and should be treated with surgery and CPAP if necessary.

Exercising regularly, even if only a little

Walking briskly 3 days a week or preferably 5 days for half an hour and doing this regularly increases basal metabolism and can help you lose weight at a normal time.

In addition, regular exercise is one of the methods that effectively reduce insulin resistance. It is beneficial not to gain or lose weight.

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