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The diseases that are referred to by IBD are ulcerative colitis (UK) and Crohn’s disease (CH).

UK is a disease that affects the large intestine. It is a disease that starts from the area called the rectum close to the anus and progresses towards the head, towards the proximal, and with continuous involvement.

UK does not involve all layers of the large intestine from the inside out. This feature belongs to Crohn’s disease.

There is a continuity in the regions it holds. it does not proceed by jumping. In other words, a diseased area does not show a sequence like a normal area again.

It shows itself mostly as bloody diarrhea in the clinic.

Unlike ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease does not only affect the large intestine, it can involve the entire gastrointestinal tract from the mouth to the anus.

It can affect all layers in the regions it is involved. This situation is mostly in the form of mucosal surface involvement in ulcerative colitis.

The diseased areas can be settled by jumping in a patch style. that is, after the diseased area, a normal area, then a diseased document can be seen again.

Fertility, pregnancy, and breastfeeding in inflammatory bowel diseases

It is accepted that during the periods when the disease is in remission, there will not be any negative to pregnancy.

However, in people with active disease, it has the potential to cause infertility, which is due to both drug-related and disease-related surgeries.

Pregnancy rates may decrease in women with active Crohn’s disease due to inflammation in the fallopian tubes and ovaries and painful intercourse.

Methotrexate and Sulfasalazine decrease sperm quality in men and may cause oligospermia. This will improve when the medication is stopped.

In proctocolectomy operations performed due to the disease, impotence (erection problem) and ejaculation problems in men may occur, and the same operation may cause painful intercourse in women and reduce the rate of having children.

Corticosteroid usage

In studies conducted with breastfeeding mothers with IBD, it can be said that the use of 50 mg IV prednisolone, the amount of passage into breast milk is very low and has no clinical significance.

5- ASA kullanımı

5 asa pills can be used safely in breastfeeding mothers. It may rarely cause diarrhoea in the baby. It should be followed in this regard.

Kaynaklar - References

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