What to do for the first three days after inserting the stomach balloon

Stomach balloon (gastric balloon)

Control the complaints after inserting a gastric balloon

It is required to apply drug therapy to take the complaints under the control after a gastric balloon. Drug therapy should be started at least as a Proton pump inhibitor a week or two before the gastric balloon insertion. It is recommended to provide other drugs in advance so as not to have problems after the procedure.

Proton pump inhibitors

Acid-lowering stomach medications can provide additional benefits by cutting stomach scraping.

Nausea medications

You should use different nausea medications that can be shot in the mouth and hips properly for three or four days. What should be done for the first three days after inserting a gastric balloon? Click here to read more information about which nausea drugs should be used and how to use them.

How the details of the diet should be in the days after the gastric balloon?

In the transparent liquid diet phase (first two days):

  • low-calorie low acid juices
  • Weak coffee and weak tea
  • Oil-drained meat or chicken broth or soup
  • Sugar-free fruit ice cubes

Full liquid diet phase (three-14 days):

  • all foods in a transparent liquid diet phase
  • lean yogurt and foods made from it
  • Skimmed milk
  • Almond milk
  • Thinned cream wheat or oatmeal
  • Protein mixtures made with protein powders
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